Marine Survey & Mapping

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Hydrographic surveying and mapping is a highly specialized field. The IMT team of professionals have extensive education, training and years of experience in acquiring and processing multibeam, singlebeam, sidescan, and sub-bottom sonar data in the most challenging of environments.  

IMT has completed large and small scale hydrographic survey projects for state, local and federal clients in North, Central and South America.  All of our work is well rated for our expertise, communication, project management, execution and prompt deliverables.

- Debris & Bridge Pier Scour
- Nautical Charting
- Port & Harbor Maintenance (Dredging)
- Coastal Engineering (Beach Erosion & Replenishment Studies)
- Coastal Zone Management
- Offshore Resource Development
- Surface to Structure Measurements
- Disaster Response (Depth and/or Debris Analyses) 
- Multi-beam side scanning sonar/LiDAR investigation

IMT utilizes state-of-the-art, fully dedicated survey vessels, permanently outfitted with all of the required equipment to carry out a real-time, high resolution above and below water surveys.

Primary equipment includes an R2 Sonics 2024 Multi-beam echo sounder (MBES), Renishaw Dual Head laser scanner, RT3005 inertial measurement unit, dual Trimble NetR9 combined GPS and GLONASS units, and the QINSy navigation and data acquisition software system.

All positioning and survey systems on the vessel are maintained by IMT and are fully calibrated and ready to deploy, significantly reduce data acquisition times, while improving overall data quality and turnaround time. 


Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) - FAA Certified

IMT provides a complete range of drone mapping services, including orthorectified aerial photographs, topographic maps, thermal and multispectral images and point clouds for design, measurement, compliance and monitoring.   

UAS Surveying affords the most accurate results, quickly and efficiently, saving time and resources versus traditional survey.

Disaster Relief
- Damage Analysis
- Flood Mapping
- Erosion Analysis
- Insurance Claims
- Public Safety Determination

Hydrogeologic Surveys
- Dams
- Coastal Mapping
- Estuaries, Harbors & Reservoirs

Agricultural Surveys
- Multispectral Analysis
- Forestry
- Vegetation Health
- Fertilizer and Pesticide Application